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Forge Of Empires Hack and Game Review: A Solid Game!


Forge Of Empires is an entertaining game wherein you start playing in the Stone Age and progress till the modern Industrial Age. In this game, you need to develop your city and take it to the next age by gathering resources and constructing new buildings. As you keep progressing in the game your city will be attacked by other players and you need to save it from destruction, in such cases our Forge of Empire Hack helps a lot!

Key Features of Forge Of Empires Game:

There are three types of resources available in the game – Diamonds, Gold, and Supplies. Among these three, Diamonds and Gold are difficult to obtain. Unless you use Forge of Empires Hack 2018 which is really easy!
Make use of your resources to build stronger walls so that your city is protected from the enemies.
Spend loads of in-game currency in recruiting more soldiers and equipping them with powerful weapons.
To earn more income tax from your citizens, keep them happy by decorating your city and building cultural places. To ensure optimum productivity, keep an eye on Happiness.
By defeating a certain enemy you will be able to expand the lands of your city. Thus, you can have enough space to construct more buildings.
You need to plan well and place the buildings carefully in your city. Expansion and shuffling of buildings should also be carried out cautiously.
Construct lot of military buildings as you can recruit units for your army out there.
Valuable resources can be generated in the Production and Goods buildings.
Try to login every single day so that you can collect resources from each building. If you do not collect them on time then the resources will get spoilt.
Ensure that you connect the buildings with the Town Hall through roads.
Forge Points can be collected automatically. They are used to research in the Research Tree.
As you keep progressing, more topics for research will be unlocked. In the beginning, it will take 3-5 Forge Points to research and the amount will gradually increase.
The Research Tree is the place where you can upgrade technologies so that you can unlock more advanced machineries.
If you want to unlock technologies instantly, then make use of Diamonds. It is the premium game currency that has to be purchased by using real world money.
Diamonds are extremely useful as they can be used in healing units, immediately reviving dead clan, buying special buildings, unlocking slots in Military buildings, instantly scouting provinces, etc.
You can expand the city borders by using Coins, Diamonds, or Medals. They can easily be obtained with Forge Of Empires Cheats. Expansions are vital in the game as it will enable you to enlarge the building area of your city.
To earn bonuses, build Great Buildings, which can only be possible after expanding the city borders.
An easy way to procure Coins is by successfully completing quests, earning from Residential buildings and by providing troops to other players, however it will never be as easy as to use Foe cheats!
To obtain Medals you need to win the tournament matches that are played against other players.

Final Verdict:

All in all, Forge Of Empires is an engrossing game with some unique features to keep you busy. So, get ready to conquer various cities and challenge other players while growing your empire!

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