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The Idea Behind The Game

Castle Clash is an amazing strategy game for fun and relaxing after a long day of stress and work. IGG created everything in a very simple and lovely way that you just won’t be able to stay away from it. Every player starts the game with a piece of land, which he has to protect from the evil forces that are drawing nearer and as we all know the darkness has only one goal – to destroy everything in its path. At the beginning you start with a Base Camp, The Town Hall, Gold mine, Mana mill, Watch tower, training center and a few other essential buildings that you will be needing so that you will be able to defend yourself from the enemies who will attack you when they get the chance. The Town Hall is the most important building on your base, it is the key to success and creating the strongest land in Castle Clash.

With each upgrade on the Town Hall you will unlock more buildings, and also you will be able to upgrade the rest of the buildings to. If the Town Hall is not upgraded to a certain level you won’t be able to upgrade the rest of the buildings. So we have defensive buildings, attack buildings, resource buildings and of course decorations, because why not. The defensive buildings are of course buildings which defend the player’s base while he is offline. The base can be protected in various ways, with the towers, the hero totem, the traps and the walls. The towers are buildings who protect the land from enemy intruders mostly when the player is offline or for the Here be Monsters Challenge and the Heroes Trial challenge.

The basic tower is the Watch Tower, as you upgrade it to a certain level it can be transformed into Arrow Tower, Magic Tower or Cannon Tower and when they also reach a certain level upon upgrade they gain a new feature called Garrison. The Hero Totem will be unlocked when the Town Hall will reach level 16, the second Hero Totem will be unlocked when the Town Hall will reach level 20. The maximum level for the totem is level 8. For the Totem to function you need to place a Hero inside so that when an enemy comes within range it will be able to protect the base. The wall is the first line of defense and the stronger the upgrade the harder the intruder will get through, that means while the enemy is busy braking the wall you can defend yourself and destroy them and they won’t know what hit them.

The Traps are the only element that doesn’t need an upgrade. You just buy it and place it wherever you want. With each upgrade of the Town hall you will be able to buy more traps. There is a Hero trap and a Bomb trap. The Hero traps will explode only when a hero will come in its range and a Bomb trap will respond only for the troops. The attack buildings allow players to participate in combats, we have Troops and Heroes. Within the Troops are the Army camps and the Training center, this way the player will be able to upgrade the Troops and to hire them for battle. To have a hero, first you need a Hero base and a Heroes Altar. To use a hero in combat you have to pick one and use him through the Hero Base and he will be ready for battle.

The Heroes altar is the place were you can manage all of the Heroes attributes and to upgrade them so that each hero becomes stronger. In order to be able to upgrade the buildings, the troops and the heroes you need resources. That’s why you have the Resource Buildings. There are Storage Resource Buildings and Generation Resource Buildings. The Generation Resource Buildings are the Gold Mine and the Mana Mill, without them you won’t be able to accomplish anything in the game. They generate gold and mana that needs to be collected over an amount of time, the higher the level the faster the resources will be generated. If the generators are attacked or destroyed by and enemy force all the resources will be stolen and lost. The Gold mine and the Mana mill have personal storage and when it gets filled it will stop generating resources until it is emptied. Resources that are generated from the generators must be stored somewhere, that’s why the storage buildings are here. There are a Gold Vault, Mana Vault and a Warehouse. The Gold and the Mana Vault contain the resources from the generators, while the Warehouse is a storage for many items like the daily reward gifts, the crests, the honor badges boxes, the gift packs, the hero cards are kept here when we first buy them and etc. The storage need to be upgraded as the rest of the buildings or when it gets full the resources gained after that won’t be collected, as for the Warehouse you can always buy more slots for more space with gems. The Warehouse, the Arena and the Training Center are the only buildings that do not need upgrading.

The Decorations are a luxury in the game but when you have them the base will look amazing. Depending on the holiday, there are Christmas Decorations, Halloween, decorations for Valentine’s Day, or if you are a fan for soccer, there are also a lot of different statues, it depends what’s your favorite hero. There are also letters and numbers and for a design you can write you Lands Name with them. And also there are the flags and you can mark your territory with them. And of course how a land will look like without a pretty flower. Depends on the decoration it can be bought with coins or gems and if you don't like the decorations anymore you can always sell it and get your coins or gems back.

About The Castle Clash Generator

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How to use our Gems Generator

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