Vikings War of Clans

04/01/2019 By lexapros 0

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Vikings: War of Clans is a strategy and management game where you have to build a prosperous Viking town. One of the keys to achieving this is to fight and conquer other neighboring towns, which are governed by other players.

In the beginning your town barely has a few structures, and they are all of a low level. As you gain resources and money, you can build a lot of different types of structures, such as forges, large salons, and barracks. And most importantly, you can level up the main buildings in town, like the House of the Jarl and the Oracle.

In order to engage in battles you’ll need soldiers, and to get them you need to build barracks and have money. Mercenaries, cavalry, archers, assassins, and furies are some of the many units you can recruit, each with their own strong and weak points but ready to give their life for your Viking town.

Vikings: War Of Clans is not a very original strategy and management game. It doesn’t add anything new to the genre, not even a remotely original setting. The only strong point is the graphic quality, which is more polished than in most of the other games in the genre.